Police Dispatched After Stabbing at Miami Beach Night Club

When you head out for a night out with friends the last thing on your mind is being the victim of a stabbing.  This is exactly what happened in a Miami Beach night club to a local resident.

In the early hours of a Saturday morning police are saying that a man was stabbed inside the Revolutions nightclub.  It is reported that the stabbing occurred after a fight ensued between two patrons

At around 2 a.m. 911 received a call and instantly dispatched Miami Beach police to the scene on Celebrity Circle. Witnesses say that the two men were in a fight when club security stepped into separate them the victim was already bleeding.  According to the victim he was on the dance floor when the man got in his face.  He then proceeded to push him away and he fell to the ground.  When he stood back up they began fighting.

Club security was able to catch the offender, and also according to authorities said he witness the knife being thrown to the ground.  The victim was taken to a local hospital where he received stitches in his arm and groin area. Although not life threatening and minor the injuries were very painful.

Myrtle Beach Night Club 2 suspects

The offender is in police custody and the weapon is in evidence.  This has sparked a discussion among patrons as to the subject of metal detectors in night clubs.  Could this have been prevented?

“I think it’s a good idea, you never know what someone else is carrying on them, “explains Hayley Whittaker.

“I’d be happy because people wouldn’t be able to get in with guns and stuff. But, I’d also be wondering…why do they need metal detectors,” agrees Lexi Pittman

The majority of patrons had the feeling that Broadway is very busy and safe enough.

personal injury lawIt can turn very quickly when tempers get heated and a weapon has made its way into a place of business.  Cases just like this one are why I went into personal injury law.  A patron is simply trying to have fun with friends and ends up with stitches and medical bills through no fault of his own. If you break the law then you should be prepared to pay the consequences for your actions” says Matthew J. Jacobs of johnbales.com, member at top personal injury law firm in Florida.

The suspect is in police custody, and his name will be released officially when charges have been made.  Police have made it clear that when the 29-year-old is charged he will be facing assault and battery charges.

South Carolina has a very high assault rate when compared to the national average.  If you have been a victim of a violent crime and are seeking compensation for your injuries, an experienced personal injury John Bales Attorneys in Florida can help.  The best way to handle a situation like this one is to get in contact with an attorney and let them fight for your rights.